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From a young age, I always turned to writing to calm my mind and use it as a useful thinking tool. I’ve also always been interested in peoples experiences, whether they are adopted or have experienced hardship in their lives. Pretty recently, I decided to search online for other Cambodian children and hear about their experiences. After I had done some google searches, I couldn’t find any stories of other people adopted from Cambodia as children and their experiences. As a result, equipped with my past blog writing experiences and openness of writing about who I am led me to making this website! I hope that my story helps other people from similar backgrounds feel less alone in the world and reflect on who they are!

You can also follow me on Instagram @sassysustainablesophie or send me a message through my website if you want to contact me!

Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope in reading and learning about who I am, you may be able to reflect on your own self and who you want to be!

With warmth,

Sophie J. Boardman